JBL’s NEW VTX A8 and VTX B18

JBL Professional
Expanding the A-Series family with a high-power more compact design, the JBL VTX A8 & B18 compact 8” line array and subwoofer provide legendary JBL VTX sound with unmatched sensitivity and coverage for the size. Compact, truck-friendly dimensions, a patented rigging suspension system, and a great software ecosystem make it the ideal solution for touring.

ProX Blitzz Cold Spark Machine



Fireworks displays are an incredible way to entertain people. There are plenty of fireworks available on the marketplace, though they don’t always allow you to create the show that you desire. If you were to simply purchase fireworks, it would be impossible to set them to music

With the Blitzz Cold Spark (simulated sparkler fountain) machine from ProX you can create spectacular indoor displays for such events as:

  • ​Holiday celebrations
  • Parties of all types
  • Business launches
  • Weddings & Reception
  • Festivals
  • Indoor concerts.

One of the main reasons people choose the ProX Blitz is that they don’t produce hardly any smoke and no odor. This is almost unheard of within the pyrotechnics industry because these two things are the definition of fireworks and always happen with fireworks due to their explosive content.  The granules used in our machines have no explosive content.  Our sleek design is self-contained inside of a small metal box. It is also self-cleaning, so there is no mess afterwards.​

You have the ability to control the height and duration of the sparkler display, as well. This makes it safe to use indoors so that you don’t have to worry about fires. It’s completely safe, complete with a precautionary safety shutoff feature.  Plus, the effect is only 62 degrees fahrenheit, a cold sparkler display!   (spar·kler  ˈspärk(ə)lər/ noun “a thing that sparkles, in particular”)

Modero X Retractable Touch Panels from AMX by HARMAN


The Modero X® Retractable Touch Panel is the flagship automation interface from AMX. Utilizing unrivaled industrial design that is designed to recess and hide away when not being used, the Modero X Retractable highlights the best of what’s possible with AMX technology. A unique, space-saving panel with premium automation capabilities, the Modero X Retractable is a touch panel like no other. To learn more, click here.


Exceptional Sound and Lighting at The Kennedy Center by HARMAN Professional Solutions

The Kennedy Center has partnered with HARMAN Professional Solutions for over 20 years to bring exceptional sound and lighting to a wide range of events. “The partnership that we’ve had with HARMAN is 20 years old, and in those 20 years we have done extraordinary work together. We’ve been creative, HARMAN has been responsive. And together we have done things that we alone could never have done.” —Deborah Rutter, President, Kennedy Center


Soundcraft Vi Series System Overview

The Soundcraft Vi1000 digital mixing console represents the culmination of the groundbreaking achievements and rich feature set offered by Soundcraft’s acclaimed Vi Seriesnow in a more compact form factor.

The reduced footprint of the Vi1000 makes it ideal for smaller touring projects, rental companies, corporate AV applications, as well as music venue, theater and HOW installations in search of a versatile digital mixer. Among its many features, the Vi1000 incorporates Vistonics II ‘knobs-on-glass’ functionality, making it easy to see and access the power and versatility of the mixing environment; along with Soundcraft Faderglow™ colour coding, which illuminates the fader slots according to function using clearly defined colours. Offering pristine audio quality, a wealth of functionality, an intuitive user interface for streamlined operation, and the roadworthy reliability that Soundcraft’s Vi Series consoles are known for, the new Vi1000 delivers space saving, world-class audio mixing capability. Keep reading…

Line array trolley system by Polar Focus®

A line array needed to be repositioned to accommodate the addition or subtraction of a stage extension. Polar Focus provided the complete transition between the line array frame and the roof structure, including PE stamped drawings. The JBL Vertec line array speakers were the ‘DP’ version with amplifiers. Polar Focus also provided the cable festooning system for the speaker signal, amplifier power, motor power, and motor control.

Harman Connected PA

Your success depends on making the right connections. With HARMAN Connected PA™, the first completely integrated live sound system, musicians and performers at any skill level can set up and get professional sound faster and easier than ever.

The HARMAN Connected PA system provides musicians a simple and effective way to set up and operate their entire PA system from one central app, with minimal pro audio skills or previous live sound experience. Now musicians can focus on what matters most—their performance.

HARMAN Connected PA is an industry first, and streamlines the setup process with one state-of-the-art central app for the entire component system, removing the need for multiple apps and GUIs. The app automatically identifies and configures connected equipment, provides setup wizards for quick and easy system configuration, and offers access from a variety of devices, including iOS and Android tablets, Mac OS and Windows.

The Connected PA solution is enabled via ioSYS technology and initially includes equipment from Soundcraft, JBL, dbx and AKG, allowing musicians to create systems that suit their specific needs. Additional HARMAN equipment can be added to increase performance flexibility and meet the demands of future growth. At launch, compatible products include:

• Soundcraft Ui24R multi-track digital mixing and recording system
• JBL PRX800W loudspeakers
• dbx Di1 active direct boxes
• AKG P5i microphones

HARMAN Professional Solutions plans to add many new products to the Connected PA family to provide musicians with greater versatility and adaptable performance.

Listen WiFi Quick Tour

ListenWiFi is the pro audio streaming solution ideal for multi-screen, video wall, or multi-video image applications. Scalable to meet the needs of virtually any businesss or venue, ListenWiFi is simple to install and requires no monthly fees or hidden contracts for streaming audio and automatic software updates. ListenWiFi systems can accomodate anywhere from 100 to over 1,000 devices in large areas, with up to 48 channels of quality audio.

Cognitive Computing at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital from HARMAN and IBM Watson

During this year’s IBM World of Watson conference HARMAN and IBM announced a new strategic partnership focused on bringing HARMAN’s end-to-end solutions together with IBM Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities. This partnership was announced after the completion of testing a JBL prototype speaker in Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. HARMAN and IBM plan to continue to integrate solutions for multiple industries, pushing IoT to new boundaries

Crown CDi DriveCore Amplifiers

Emilian Wojtowycz, HARMAN Professional Solutions Manager, Restaurant and Retail Stores, introduces the Crown CDi DriveCore Series Amplifiers. Emilian shares the key benefits that makes this Series ideal for supporting small/medium installations in houses of worship, restaurants, cruise ships, hotels, museums, theatre, cinema, retail stores, and similar installed sound applications. For complete product details on all of the models in this Series, please visit: http://www.crownaudio.com/product_fam… and for additional support or to contact a Crown representative, please visit: http://www.crownaudio.com/en-US/suppo….

Littlite Intro

Littlite® has been the leader in professional entertainment technology task lights for over 30 years . Our lights are designed and manufactured in the USA and have a limited lifetime warranty. Littlite is synonymous with high-quality and thru the years we have been refining and improving our task light system to meet the needs of users all over the world.

Introducing the PRX800W Series Portable PA with Wireless App Control

Introducing the PRX800W Series Portable PA with Wireless App Control

The PRX800W Series next-generation PA with Wi-Fi technology combines legendary JBL sound and durability with complete wireless control. It’s the most advanced portable PA we’ve ever made.

Wi-Fi technology and sophisticated DSP give you complete control over the tuning and performance of your system—from anywhere in the venue—via the free PRX Connect app. An efficient 1500-watt class-D amplifier and patented JBL Differential Drive® technology provide best-in-class power handling while greatly reducing system weight. And the rugged all-wood cabinets feature a redesigned input panel and universal power supply for easy, reliable operation at gigs worldwide.