AMX solves the complexity of managing technology with reliable, consistent and scalable systems comprising control and automation, system-wide switching and AV signal distribution, digital signage and technology management.
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Listen Technologies

Listen Technologies brings power and clarity to the sounds that enrich people’s lives—with solutions that overcome the challenges of noise, distance, clashing conversations, and hearing loss to deliver precise and personalized audio in any setting or environment.
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Pro X Cases

TOV Pro DJ Cases is made up a group of industry professionals, dedicated to bringing state-of-the-art DJ sound and lighting solutions to our valued customers. The motto “Quality, Without Compromise” reflects our steadfast belief that the highest quality components and cutting-edge design sensibilities can be achieved at a highly competitive price point.
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Seahorse Cases

Seahorse manufactures hard, waterproof cases for multiple uses and applications. From micro cases to large rolling cases, we offer various sizes, configurations and accessories to protect and secure your valuables from impact and damage. Watertight, crush resistant, dust proof. Seahorse cases have been engineered to withstand the elements and ensure that your goods are protected. Regardless if it’s a change in temperature or altitude, our cases can adapt with its’ automatic pressure equalization system.

Stage Ninja

Stage Ninja’s innovative product development team brings you some of the coolest products geared towards musicians, producers, recording engineers, live entertainment/production houses, A/V Contractors, performance venues, museums, churches and many Industrial applications.
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